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Repair your pool

Pool maintenance is an important part of enjoying your pool year in year out. This covers not only the water but also the pool surfaces and surroundings. Hitchins Technologies Pty Ltd can help you with effective pool surface maintenance.

Swimming pool surfaces need to be easy to maintain and thus you need a surface that is smooth, in good condition and attractive. This will encourage you and your family to keep diving in when ever the mood strikes.

Even in winter, you need an easy to maintain pool so you don’t loose interest and are able to keep the pool in good condition.

No matter if fibreglass, concrete (painted or not), marblesheen or pebblecrete they all need to have surfaces in good condition. If the surface is worn, stained, cracked, dirty, faded, chalky or damaged then it will be hard to keep clean. You will end up “pouring” a lot of money into your pool, trying to keep the water and the surfaces clean.

Algae, staining and black spot can cause you to keep buying expensive chemicals to put in your pool and with no long lasting benefits. This is not a good maintenance practise.

Algae and staining are a sign that the surfaces are porous. Fats and oils in the water, along with some organisms, allow them to take hold in every nook and crevice. You have a little garden growing happily away. There are many types of algae and you may end up trying to defeat them all, by having to keep re dosing the pool with agressive chemicals. Expensive and not always good for you either. You will find your pool maintenance a pain.

Black spot is even more difficult to control as it can form a hard skin which protects the roots from any chemicals you may care to put into your pool.

Older surfaces and those that are rough such as Marblsheen and Pebblecrete can become a breeding ground for these organisms.

Rather than trying to treat them with loads of chemicals, a preventive maintenance approach is much better.

It’s quite feasible to upgrade your pool surface with a seemless, hard wearing, long lasting hi build epoxy coating called Epotec. This is resistant to organisms wanting to take over your pool. It will save you thousands of dollars in expensive pool chemicals, not too mention what these added chemicals may be doing to your body.

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